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Sunday, May 16, 2010

All concerned are encouraged to play roles for greater Jumma solidarity and help cease fratricidal bloodshed

Courtesy: Prothom Alo, 8th May 2010

Headline- Contradiction between the pro and anti-Peace Accord groups. 1 killed and 5 abducted at Jurochari in a week.

Previously it was Baghaichari and Rajasthali, now it is Jurochari, the present battleground of Jumma fratricidal conflicts. Neither of the two parties ever acknowledged their involvement in the conflicts. But, it is fact that many innocent Jummas have been direct and indirect victims due to these clashes. The general Jummas want immediate relief from further victimisation.

The call given by the PCJSS convening committee led by Sudhasindhu Khisa-Rupayan Dewan-Tatindta Lal Chakma on 10 April 2010 for greater Jumma unity has been getting popular among the Jummas. Still, unless the rural Jumma people, social leadership and the religious organisations come forward to raise voice against the bloody fratricidal clashes, not a single party involved in the conflict will be able to volunteer to cease the bloodshed. The rural Jummas will have to be united to voice against the bloodshed for their interest as they are the immediate and direct victims. The Buddhist monks, religious associations and the educated social forces should neither be partisan to either of the parties nor be blind-deaf and dumb.

The PCJSS convening committee made an invocation in its Dighinala Declaration on 10 April 2010- "This conference calls upon all to forge greater Jumma national solidarity for the full implementation of the CHT Accord, protection of Jumma national entity and their parental land." Therefore, all the educated Jumma social voices, Buddhist monks, religious organisations,rural people, youth and students, women organisations and their leaderships are encouraged to popularise the PCJSS convening committee's invocation for greater Jumma solidarity and play for own-self to cease the unnecessary fratricidal bloodshed.

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