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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

PCJSS warmly welcomes the UNPFII members

The United Nations declares the names of 16 experts members of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues from 7 regions of the world for the term 2011-2013. Chakma Raja Barrister Devasish Roy was declared as the expert member from the Asia region.

Barrister Raja Devasish Roy

The UNPFII web site: announces on 28 April 2010:

Members of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues for the term 2011-2013

Following elections at the Economic and Social Council and the appointment by the President of ECOSOC, the following individuals have been selected asmembers of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues for the term 2011-2013, starting 1 January 2011...

Elected by ECOSOC (nominated by Governments)

Helen Kaljulate

Eva Biaudet

Alvaro Esteban Pop

Mirian Masaquiza

Megan Davis

Andrei Nikiforov

Paimaneh Hasteh

Simon William M'Viboudoulou

Appointed by the President of ECOSC (nominated by indigenous peoples’ organizations)

Mirna Cunningham

Saul Vicente Vazquez

Anna Naikanchina

Edward John

Raja Devashish Roy

Dalee Sambo Dorough

Valmaine Toki

Paul Kanyinke Sena

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