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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Victims of "violent" politics

College student Chandra Sekhar Chakma

Chandra Sekhar Chakma: Born: 9 Oct 1951, Died: 9 Aug 2009. This photograph was taken on 19 June 2009.

Chandra Sekhar Chakma, Demise or killing? Who is responsible for this? Photo: Taken by his family on 10 Aug 2009.

The right hand: Chandra Sekhar Chakma, PCJSS General Secretary for three consecutive terms for long 11 years, until 4th March 2005 (8th National Conference), served the PCJSS since his college life. He was also the President of the Hill Students Association in 1973 and was associated with the PCJSS. He joined the armed movement in 1973 and returned to over ground politics in 1998, after the signing the CHT Accord. He was Command Post B Commander and Sector No 5 Commander during the armed movement. He got access to the PCJSS central committee in 1982 and became Joint Secretary of the central committee in 1990 and became General Secretary in 1995. He was polite and a perfect gentleman with popular acceptability, and still was the first victim of "Violent" politics of his own "party" perpetrated at Rangamati town. He sued against his “leader” and some youngsters claiming them responsible for the assault on him. He was shot at from point blank distance at Rangamati on 25 Feb 2009. He was treated in Chittagong Medical College and Hospital. For being a core target of the "Bol Proyoger Rajniti" (violent politics) and to keep him safe from further assault he moved from his home on 16th June and left Rangamati for Khagarachari on 21 June 2009 and could not return home alive. His dead body was taken to his home in the evening of 9 Aug 2009 who expired at noon due to excessive stress due to PCJSS internal crisis. The pro-Larma youngsters created serious hindrances during the rituals which has angered many Jummas.

Brother kills brother! Anshuman Chakma, a PCJSS leader. He was assaulted at his native village, Balukhali, on the opposite bank of Rangamati on 21 June 2009. He fled from his present home at Rangamati (Public Health Area) when Mr. Santu Larma's youngsters went to his home to take his life on 17 June 2009 and took shelter at Balukhali on 19 June. He narrowly escaped from the sure death with serious bullet injury on 21 June and the next day a 7.62 mm bullet (AK47) was removed from his left arm at Chittagong Medical College and Hospital. It was not the last, his cattle (8 cows) were taken away and an orchard of 17 acres was confiscated for his trust in party ideals and principles. This is an example of "Bol Proyoger Rajniti" (Politics of Violence). A right reward for being a PCJSS veteran.

Open protest: PCJSS Khagarachari District branch brought out a protest rally at Khagarachari town on 23 June 2009, disdaining the assault on Anshuman Chakma

Pragati Chakma
He was a very popular Union Parishad Chairman of Ghilachari Union under Nanyachar Upazila of Rangamati Hill District. He was shot at his neck in the evening of 26 April 2009 at Rangamati town. He was rushed to Chittagong Medical College and Hospital and the next day a point 22 bullet was removed from his neck. He survived but with physical troubles. When he was assaulted he was active JSS leader of Nanyachar Thana. After his recovery he sued against some youngsters of his party belonging to Mr. Santu Larma's camp.

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