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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bygone days!

Happy Moments! Flanked by Goutam and Rupayan, two PCJSS pillars, one has now been a parallel leadership recognised by the Dighinala Special Workers Conference 2010 [], while the other is a mentally distant star. Photo: Michael Heyn, former UNDP-CHTDF Director.

The 3 most trusted aides-de-camp: : Engineer MK Tripura, Dr. Nilu Kumar Tanchangya and Advocate Shaktiman Chakma at Baghaichari Workers (members) Conference 2003. Dr. Nilu Kr., a PCJSS central committee member and also a CHT Regional Council member quitted PCJSS recently (for the PCJSS internal crisis) while the two others have now been a causing factor.

PCJSS Peace Mission: Should there be peace for them?
At Dhudukchara hideout, flanked by Sudhasindhu, Goutam, Rupayan and Raktotpal, prior to catching chopper for attending to the peace dialogue with GoB delegation, led by Abul Hasnat Abdullah on 21 Dec 1996.
Raktotpal Tripura (central committee member and CHT Regional Council member) has recently left politics for PCJSS internal crisis. Photo: Information and Publicity Department, PCJSS.

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