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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dighinala Declaration- English translation

Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samity (PCJSS)
Special Workers’ Conference 2010

10 April, 2010

At a time when the present government is in power with the pledge in its Election Manifesto to execute the CHT Accord in full and to that end the PCJSS is in need of greater unity and stronger leadership; widespread protest and indignation against the recent horrific incident at Baghaichari-Khagarachari is sweeping across the world; Jumma people irrespective of their class and clan, burying their differences, are mounting protests against it; the desolated among them across the hills are pleading the political elders for peace to redeem them of the scourge of fratricidal conflict, Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma alias Santu Larma demonstrated before the party, Jumma people, and at national and international arena his penchant for undemocratic leadership by convening the one-sided 9th National Conference (29-31 March, 2010), violating all the directives of the party constitution. Appeal by the party workers and leaders, well-wishers, sensible section of the society for “keeping the PCJSS unified”, and even the forceful plea to Larma by an octogenarian in folded hands fell through paving his way to make his monolithic leadership stronger.

Mr. Larma’s unbridled self-will has heightened lack of transparency, moral debasement and degradation of values to such a proportion that it becomes well nigh impossible for him to work with those workers and leaders known for their honesty, ideals and self-esteem. In order to remove these workers and leaders and to establish his unchallenged leadership, he started unfolding factional clique from mid 2005. He irregularly debarred some of the central committee members elected in the 8th National Conference from performing their work in the party as well as in the central committee, soon after the 8th National Conference. Taking advantage of the state of emergency in the country he resorted to vilification campaign against these workers and leaders. However, what is more painful is that the efforts by these leaders along with some central committee members belonging to his camp to keep the party unified ran aground at last due to his obduracy. He continues to practice his “politics of coercion or violence” by removing some of the most veteran workers and leaders known for their ideals and principles by violating section 7 (rights of the party members), section 9 (expulsion of the party members) and section 16 (punitive action) of the party constitution. He introduced politics of his own brand, disregarding the principles, strategies and directives followed by late M.N. Larma and infringing the trust or the pledge enshrined in section 2 (principles and ideals) & section 3 (objectives & goals). He has rested the party on the brink of disaster by adhering to a wrong party workers policy in place of one introduced by M.N. Larma.

Without the plenary meeting of the outgoing central committee, he unilaterally finalized almost all the programs of the 9th National Conference and then convened a meeting of the truncated central committee on 25th March, 2010 and expelled and also excluded a number of high ranking leaders in the 9th National Conference. It was demonstrative of his autocratic leadership. In any case, it is no longer possible to wage movement for the emancipation of the Jumma people with such a debased and obstinate leadership. In such a backdrop, the conscious section of the workers and leaders of the party in this critical time organized a conference of the party workers and leaders at Baradam High School of Dighinala Upazila under Khagarachari Hill District. Following a thorough discussion, review and exchange of opinions, the leaders and workers and well-wishers from different areas unanimously adopted Dighinala Declaration today, Saturday, the 10th April, 2010.

On the Party:
1. This conference rejects the 9th National Conference convened by Mr. Santu Larma as ex-parte, unconstitutional and undemocratic.
2. (a) This conference announces the formation of a 7 member Convening Committee with Mr. Sudhasindhu Khisa and Mr. Rupayan Dewan as Co-chairperson, Mr. Tatindra Lal Chakma as Member Secretary, and Engr. Mrinal Kanti Tripura, Advocate Shaktiman Chakma, Mr. Uday Kiran Tripura and Ms. Kakoli Khisa as members to form a central committee by holding a National Conference.
(b) This conference empowers the Convening Committee to form a central committee by holding National Conference at a suitable time.
(c) This conference authorizes the Convening Committee to carry out the party activities until the central committee is formed.
(d) This conference announces to publish a white paper containing the anti-charter (party constitution) activities of Mr. Larma.

On the Implementation of the CHT Accord:
1. This conference demands full implementation of the CHT Accord signed between the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the PCJSS.
2. This conference proclaims that it will play positive role to help implement the CHT Accord by identifying the major hindrances to the Accord.
3. This conference also calls for taking proper initiative to resolve the land disputes by amending the “CHT Land Dispute Resolution Commission Act, 2001” in line with the provision of CHT Accord.

On recent Baghaihat-Khagarachari Brutal Violence:
1. This conference presses for a neutral investigation into the recent horrifying and bestial violence that shook Baghaihat and Khagarachari District town under Rangamati Hill District and exemplary punishment to the perpetrators.
2. This conference also insists on paying adequate compensation to the affected people and proper rehabilitation of them and immediate withdrawal of all the false cases filed.

On the Constitutional Recognition of the Indigenous Peoples:
1. This conference demands that the indigenous peoples should be given constitutional recognition.
2. This conference pronounces for taking proper initiatives to wage a unified struggle in order that the land rights of all the indigenous communities are ensured along with their proper development and progress.
3. This conference expresses its concern over a secret circular issued by the Ministry of CHT Affairs and insists on withdrawing it. The circular containing objectionable discourse was intended to identify the indigenous peoples as “tribe”.
4. This conference also calls upon all political parties, progressive and democratic forces in the country to adopt an indigenous policy and programs of their own so that they can play a positive role in ensuring the rights of the indigenous peoples.

An Invocation:
This conference calls upon all to forge greater Jumma national solidarity for the full implementation of the CHT Accord, protection of Jumma national entity and their parental land.
It also calls upon all political parties, individuals, institutions and bodies at the local, national, international level to play more active and effective role in helping to implement the CHT Accord in full.

NB: The word `workers’ is meant for the party members. This is a translation from the original Bengali text.

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