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Saturday, May 01, 2010

8th National Conference: Beginning of Iron age

Inauguration of Iron age: Larma hoists the national flag as part of the 8th PCJSS National Conference at Tuktuk Eco Village on 2 March 2006. The delegates left the conference on 5th March with sheer frustration and unhappiness as the deliberation proved to be the signal of thunder-bolt. In Sept 2005 six PCJSS veterans (Chandra Sekhar, Goutam Kr., Ms. Madhabi Lata, Rupayan, Sudhasindhu and Tatindra Lal) were sure to be excluded from the leadership on the plea of their old age but it could not be executed as there had been sheer reaction in the party. Thus, without the consent of the central committee the 8th National Conference was delayed for about four months, for avoiding a sure challenge of self-will through votes.

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