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Friday, May 07, 2010

Major Pele addresses at Kudukchari for greater Jumma unity for CHT Accord implementation

Left to right: Ms. Kaberi Roy (Headman), Anshuman Chakma, Ashendu Bikash Dastidar (Headmaster, Bara Mohapuram High School, serving in this school since 1980), Tatindra Lal Chakma Pele, Sangsaptak Chakma Pintu (JSS leader), Prabhu Ranjan Chakma (Chairman, Kudukchari Union Parishad) and Amalendu Chakama.

Today at 12.30 pm PCJSS organised an opinion sharing meeting with the leaders of the locality at Bara Mohapuram Jr. High School hall at Kudukchari, under Kudukchari Union of Nanyachar Upazila of Rangamati Hill District. The venue falls on the Rangamati-Khagarachari road-side. Mouza Headmen, UP Chairmen and Members, Karbaris, school teachers and prominent persons were present at the meeting. More than 250 persons including a dozen ex-combatants (PCJSS returnee members) were present in the meeting.

The meeting discussed on the current CHT situation and challenges on the bringing together of all the peoples of the CHT for peace and stability. Sri Tatindra Lal Chakma alias Major Pele, Member-Secretary of the newly formed Convening Committee of the PCJSS spoke on the current situation and called on all to work for greater Jumma unity for CHT Accord implementation. He told that they have been engaged in democratic movement for the implementation of the CHT Accord and the achievement of own rights. He assured that he and his colleagues do not believe in “Boil Proyoger Rajniti” (politics of violence). Sri Angshuman Chakma, a leader of the PCJSS also participated in the discussion.

Ms. Kaberi Roy, Headman, Sukarchari Mouza delivers her opinion.

On behalf of the locality (Sukarchari, Ghilachari and Kudukchari) Ms. Kaberi Roy, Headman of Sukarchari Mouza, Sri Ganga Moni Chakma, Sri Amalendu Chakma, Sri Natun Chandra Karbari spoke. The meeting was chaired by Sri Prabhu Ranjan Chakma, Kudukchari Union Parishad Chairman. All the speakers warmly welcomed the unity move of the PCJSS’ new leadership. The speakers shared their unexplainable repressions and troubles they had to face during the armed movement. According to them almost the same situation and sheer uncertainty prevails now due to ongoing fratricidal conflicts. They expressed their thirst for immediate relief from this conflict. They all warmly welcomed the move of PCJSS’ new leadership of current drive for greater unity and assured the PCJSS' new leadership for extending their support.

A view of the participation.

The meeting was conducted by Sri Pragati Chakma, ex-Chairman, Ghilachari Union Parishad and Vice-President of Nanyachar Thana Committee of PCJSS. This is worth to mention that Sri Pragati was shot at his neck on 26 April 2009 at Rangamati town and a point 22 bullet was removed at Chittagong Medical College and Hospital the next day. Therefore, he sued a case against some youngsters of Santu Larma camp holding them responsible for the shooting.

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