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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Rrupayan Dewan acknowledges the submission of Appeal for Peace

Rupayan Dewan, Co-Chairperson of the Convening Committee of the PCJSS and a Member of the CHT Regional Council sent this e-statement to Mr. Tom Eskildsen, Vice-Chairperson of the Jummanet, Japan.

E-Statement of Rupayan Dewan

I’m exceedingly happy to know that the Appeal for peace in the CHT was handed over to the hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Ms. Sheikh Hasina Wazed, on 20 March 2010. The global campaign- Global Voices for Peace in the CHT, sponsored by the Jumma Net- Japan, IJPN- USA, CJPNAP- Australia and OCCHTC- Holland is for ensuring PEACE in the CHT, a commitment of the world acclaimed CHT Accord that bagged UNESCO Peace Prize for the hon’ble PM, Ms. Sheikh Haisna.

The Jumma people have been under military atrocities for the last 39 years and are still under a de facto military rule- “Operation Uttoron”, even after 12th year of signing of the CHT Accord. A septuagenarian internally displaced Jummaman told me in mid-2008, when I was gathering materials for writing a paper on culture said “The Jummas have been on their toes from this mountain to that mountain taking their lives at their hands all thorough, starting from the Bangladesh liberation movement. Hundreds of communities and their children could not play their traditional games, sang songs and blew flutes as they had all along been under sheer duress of military attacks and many of our youngsters now have no acquaintance with traditional instruments and games.”

As one of the JSS veterans I consider this as my moral responsibility to express my utmost thanks and acknowledge deepest gratitude to 35,756 conscious and compassionate souls of 105 countries who have cried for full implementation of the CHT Accord by putting their signatures in the Appeal. I would like to recognise with due regards the hon’ble 62 MPs of Japan, 4 MPs and MLCs of Australia, 1 MCA of Nepal and leaders of civil society around the globe including the Noble Peace Prize Laureate Ms. Mairead Corrigan-Maguire whom I met in Dhaka for showing their strong support. I would like to specially mention the name of the Jumma Net and its support groups to make the toughest task happen by their tireless efforts.

This is important to cite the recent Baghaihat-Khagarachari attack which has shaken the world conscience, deepened mistrust of the Jumma people on the local state machineries and widened Jumma-Bengali mistrust. There has been transposition of 5 UNOs and transfer of some military officials. The Baghaihat-Khagarachari attack has tarnished the glorious image of the Bangladesh military. Despite Govt. strict vigilance and pro-active measures still the peoples are in apprehension of a communal Tsunami. The global cry soon after the Baghaihat-Khagarachari attack including the open stand of the EU and the UN has warmly been welcomed by the Jumma people.

In this backdrop, I call upon the lawmakers, civil society leaders and other signatories of the Appeal to play a greater role by supporting and encouraging the Govt. in the process of the CHT Accord implementation and also to side with the Baghaihat-Khagarachari attack victims in their terrible moments. I warmly welcome the hon’ble PM’s reiteration for implementation of the CHT Accord to Mr. Naoto Sakaguchi and Ms. Mieko Tanaka, Japanese MPs who called on her on 20th instant and handed over the Appeal.

Rupayan Dewan (Mr.)
Member, CHT Regional Council and
Member, Central Committee, JSS

Dated: Rangamati, Chittagong Hill Tracts Region , Bangladesh , 23 March 2010

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