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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ILO on Bangladesh indigenous peoples, CHT Accord and the CHT Land Commission

Monitoring Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ Rights through ILO Conventions _ A compilation of ILO Supervisory Bodies’ Comments 2009-2010

Please visit pages 27-29 to consult the original text:

The implementation of all ILO Conventions is monitored by the ILO supervisory bodies. This allows a continuous dialogue to take place between the Organization and the Governments concerned with the involvement of employers’ and workers’ organizations (trade unions), with a view to strengthening the implementation of these Conventions. The aim of the present publication is to present some of the most recent comments adopted by the ILO supervisory bodies concerning indigenous and tribal peoples. They are preceded by a brief introduction to the ILO supervisory mechanisms.

Some comments of the ILO Supervisory bodies:
"Considering that the implementation of the outstanding provisions are crucial with aview to building and consolidating peace in the region, the Committee requests the government to take the measures necessary to achieve the full implementation of the Peace Accord and to provide detailed information on the progress made in this regard. Please also provide information on the implementation of Clause B, section 34."

"The Committee requests the Government to provide information on the concrete measures taken by the relevant line ministries responsible for the action in favour of indigenous communities in the plains and the CHT envisaged under the NSAPR and on the results achieved in improving their situation. It also requests the Government to report on the progress made in adopting and implementing National Indigenous People's Policy as mentioned in the NSAPR. Finally, the Committee requests that the Government ensure appropriate collaboration and participation of the indigenous communities and their representatives concerned in the design and implementation of measures affecting them, in keeping with Article 5 of the Convention, and to provide information in this regard."

"The Committee requests the Government to provide, on a continuing basis, information on legislative developments relating to the application of the Convention with regard to the indigenous communities of the plains and and the CHT."

"The Committee hopes that the process of amending the Land Commission Act will be concluded without delay, and requests the Government to provide the information on the measures taken to this end and any others measures taken to enable the Land Commission to fulfil its functions."

"Recalling that under article 11 of the Convention, the right of ownership, collective or individual, of the members of the populations concerned over the lands which these populations traditionally occupy shall be recognized, the Committee urges the Government to take immediate steps to ensure that the land rights of indigenous people and communities in Bangladesh, including those of the plains, are fully recognized and effectively protected, in collaboration with their leaders. The Committee requests the Government to provide detailed information on the specific measures taken in this in this regard, including measures to investigate fully reports of illegal seizures of traditional lands of indigenous communities. In addition, the Committee requests the Government to provide information on the progress made in adopting and implementing the national land policy for indigenous communities envisiged under the NSAPR."

"While noting that, according to the Government, all refugees from India have been rehabilitated, the Committee requests the Government to provide information on the specific activities undertaken by the Task Force with regard to internally displaced indigenous persons in the CHT who have yet to be rehabilitated. It once gain requests the Government to indicate the number of internally displaced indigenous persons yet to be rehabilitated."

"The Committee requests the Government to indicate the measures taken to ensure that indigenous communities have the possibility to continue to engage in jum cultivation, including through accelerating measures protecting their land rights, and the measures taken to include shifting cultivation in relevant policies and programmes regarding rural development."

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