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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jumma civic bodies denounce the Land Commission Chairman, send memo to the Prime Minister for action against his controversail role

Mr. Cahla Prue Jimmy who represents his elderly father, the Circle Chief of Bohmong Circle, Bandarban to different meetings delivers speech before meeting the Deputy Commissioner.

The CHT Jumma civic bodies oraganised a rally at Rangamati town today to denounce the controversial role of the CHT Land Commission Chairman. Under the banner of Parbatya Jelar Nagorik Samaj (Rangamati, Khagarachari, Bandarban) i.e. Citizenry of Hill District (Rangamati, Khagarachari, Bandarban) a rally was organised today at 11.00am and handed over a memo signed by 281 leaders to the Deputy Commissioner of Rangamati Hill District at 12.00pm addressed to the Prime Minister.

DC Mr. Sourendra Nath Chatterjee, Rangamati receives Mr. Goutam Dewan and team at his chamber.

About 600 hundred Jumma leaders both men and women from three Hill Districts of the CHT participated to the rally. A short open meeting was organised at court building square before handing over the memo. Mr. Cahla Prue Jimmy (son of Bohmoung Circle Chief, Bandarban) and Mr. Santoshita Chakma Bakul (General Secretary, India Returned Jumma Refugees’ Welfare Association) delivered speech and Ms. Anjulika Khisa(retired District Prymary Education Officer) readout the memo for general information.

The rlly gathers at court building square.

Mr. Sourendra Nath Chatterjee, the Deputy Commissioner received the leaders cordially and also received the memo on behalf of the Prime Minister.

The leaders met the media at a press conference at Roof Top restaurant at around 12.30 pm. About 60 persons were there. Mr. Goutam Dewan was the main person to cater the questions of the media persons.

Mr. Goutam Dewan meets the media at the press conference at Roof Top restaurant.

Prominent civil society and community figures participated to this open move to oppose the most controversial roles of Mr. Khademul Islam, the Chairman of the CHT Land Dispute Disposal Commission. Today’s move is the first open action against the Land Commission Chair. The move was actually initiated by the Citizen's Committee which was formed on 10 April this year in Dhaka to press for the implementation of the CHT Accord under the leadership of Mr. Goutam Dewan (former Rangamati Hill District Council Chairman) and Mr. Jaseshwar Chakma Biltu (a social figure and ex-combatanat leader) as President and general Secretary respectively.

(from left to right) Ms. Jubatara Dewan (With white blouse. Wife of late Upendra Lal Chakma, former MP), Advocate Susmita Chakma, Ms. Angela Dewan (Retired District Women Affairs Officer), Ms. Anjulika Khisa (Retired District Primary Education Officer), Ms. Nirupa Dewan (Retired Head Master, Rangamati Govt. High School and recently appointed Commissioner, Bangladesh Human Rights Commission)and Ms. Latika Chakma (Retired teacher of Maonaghar Sishu Sadan, Rangapanya, Rangamati) are seen to lead the rally.

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  1. Dear CHTVOICE Providers,

    As I have gone through the writings of the Blogspot posted by the chtvoice on recent measures has been taken by Sheikh Hasina Government that the Government is going to grill the Jummo political parties like the UPDF again instead of implementing the CHT Accord which was promised before the election. The Awami League and their allies had clearly stated in their election manifesto that they would fully implement the accord if they could form Government after the election. It is about two years after coming to power. But there is no sign to implement the accord. Moreover, the Government is going to intencify hard-line against the Jummo political parties so that the movement of Jummo People is going to be marginalised.

    This is our bitter experience about the Bengali Rulers that they do what they do not states. But they don't do what they promises. This is the characteristics of Bengali rulers! That's why I personally don't trust the Bengali rulers. Many Jummos were delighted and expected that this Government would implement the accord when they came to the power. But I did not expect anything from this Governemnet as because I know the root and character of Awami League. It is also hard but true that no Bengali rulers are sympathised to the Jummo People. They all are same towards the CHT policy. All Governments just renew the previous policy which has been set up by Sheikh Muzibur Rahman immediately after the independent. This is more than true!

    Sanchay Chakma
    Former UPDF