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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rajasthali again comes under fratricidal clash today, tolls 1 dead and 2 injured

Rajasthali, a calm township, headquarters of Rajasthali Upazila comes today under armed clash after 18 days which has taken life of Ananda Tanchangya and injured Palash Chakma and Kungumoni Chakma .

A few sources report that there has again been armed clash between groups in favour and disfavour of the CHT Accord today at Rajasthali Bazar under Rangamati Hill District which started at 07.30 am and lasted for about 15 minutes. The reports claim that the anti-CHT Accord armed group conducted the attack at a house at Rajasthali Bazar.

It was reported earlier that on 13th of last month the pro-Accord armed men attacked on the civil cadres of anti-Accord group at this house and it was retaliated at mid-night of 16th of last month, resulting to 1 spot dead and 1 seriously injured.

After 18 days the anti-Accord group again retaliates today. It is claimed that Ananda Tanchangya, son of Ganesh Tanchangya from Wanga Para of Roangchari, Bandarban Hill District succumbed spot death while Palash Chakma, son of Suman Chakma of Jibtoli, under Rangamti Sadar Upazila and Kungumoni Chakma, son of Ashibindu Khisa (Khisa Babu) of Perachara village of Khagarachari got serious bullet injury to their thigh and arm respectively. The injured persons were transported to Chittagong for higher treatment and the dead body was taken to Rangamati General Hospital for postmortem.

It has been gathered that during the attack the attackers fired at Rajasthali police station, possibly to keep their action safe. Another report claims that two pro-Accord armed groups have been in deployment in nearby jungle for the last three weeks to protect the probable attacks from anti-Accord group.

It has also been gathered that Mr. Ushatn Talukdar, Member, CHT Regional Council rushed to Rajasthali to oversee the situation.

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