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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Revolutionary leader Kalpana's abduction denounced at Khagarachari

PCP (Hill Students Council) of Khagarachari College branch (which supports the PCJSS led by Sudha Sindhu Khisa, Rupayan Dewan and Tatindra Lal Chakma) today organised a protest meeting against the abduction of Kalpana Chakma at Khagarachari Shahid Minar square of Khagarachari College at 11.00 am. The demonstration was chaired by student leader Riton Chakma while speakers were Sudirgha Chakma, former General Secretary of the PCP Central Committee; Socialist Women's Forum leader Ms. Kristi Chakma; Pratay Chakma, President of PCP Khagarachari branch; Khelu Aung Marma, PCP Manikchari branch and Amor Singh Chakma, General Secretary of PCP Khagarachari College branch.

A press release issued today by Amor Singh Chakma, General Secretary, Khagarachari College branch of PCP says that the speakers said, civil administration prevails in 61 districts of the country except in the CHT region. As a result the CHT have been turned into a military war-zone with the imposition of many restrictions. Restriction enforced in all political activities testifies that there is no any democracy in Khagarachari.

The government has not brought Lt. Ferdous, the abductor of Kalpana Chakma to book. It even, failed to tell the countrymen the where about of Kalpana Chakma in last 14 years, the speakers said. The present government has even snatched away our rights to demand justice of the abduction of Kalpana Chakma. The administration did not allow us use loud speakers and organise rally, still we have gathered here by removing hindrances and no restrictions can subside the Jumma movement for achieving rights, the speakers said.

Demands put forward in the demonstration: 1. To award appropriate punishment to the persons responsible through immediate trial; 2. To withdraw all restrictions imposed on political activities in Khagarachari; 3. To conduct inquiry of all genocides and abductions in the CHT and trial those accordingly.

Pro-Santu Larma Hill Women Federation demanded the Kalpana Chakma Abduction inquiry commission report to make public at a human chain organised in front of the National Museum in Dhaka on 12 June. The programme was arranged to to demand 5 demands. Ms Muching Marma, President of the HWF, university teacher Mesbah Kamal, Robaet Ferdous, Jobaida Nashrin, women leader Farida Akhtar, BIPF General Secretary Sanjib Drong, PCJSS organising secretary Saktipada Tripura, Adivasi Chatra Sangram Parishad organising secretary Mong wae Ching Marma and PCP president Bablu Chakma.

Ms. Kalpana Chakma, the revolutionary leader of the Jumma nation was abducted from her home at New Lalya Ghona, Baghaichari on 12th June 1996. An inquiry Commission was commissioned in 1996 by the then Awami League government but did not disclose the report which establishes the popular claim of Lt. Ferdous' direct involvement in the crime.

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