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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Santu Larma's PCJSS under accusation of abduction and physical tortures

Santu Larma led PCJSS comes under accusation of abduction of Juba League and Democratic Youth Front's leaders at Rangamati town. Media and party sources claim abduction of Mintu Marma (home at Assambasti of Rangamati town), Rangamati District Secretary of Juba League (youth front of Awami League) and his 3 colleagues were abducted from a restaurant at Banarupa Bazar on 8th instant. National newspapers do not clearly pinpoint the identity of the abductors.

However, a source associated with the CHT Voice claims that on 8th instant at around 1.30 pm Mintu Marma and his 3 colleagues were picked up by an organised group from Irish Hotel at Banarupa Bazar when they were taking their lunch. Another source reports to the CHT Voice that a group with 3 CNG auto rickshaws was seen to move from Rangapanya school ground to Hatchery at 3 pm led by a student leader of Rangamati Govt College. Another source claims that Lakshmi Prasad Chakma, Secretary for Political Affairs of the PCJSS sought 2 hours time from Nikhil Kumar Chakma, Chairman, Rangamati Hill District Council (and also Awami League leader) to help locate and rescue the hostages, when the angry activists of Awami League and its front organisations were about to encircle the CHT Regional Council office and Santu Larma's residence.

Newspaper reports claim that Mintu Marma and his 3 colleagues were freed at around 5pm on the same day because of heavy movements of police, BDR and army personnel. Another source claims that the quick freeing was the result of Lakshmi Prasad Chakma's initiative which derived basically from the fear of Awami League's (and its front organisations) political retaliation.

The freed leaders who became victims of serious physical tortures by the abductors have immediately been taken to Rangamati General Hospital for treatment. The angry leaders and activists of Awami League and its fronts are waiting for Dipankar Talukdar, M.P., District Awami League President (and State Minister for MoCHTA) who is set to arrive Rangamati tomorrow. It has been gathered that if Mr. Talukdar takes softer lines with Santu Larma or his PCJSS then it will go against his leadership. The local Awami League is now prepared for booking some PCJSS leaders and activists, apart from political actions.

The Suprobhat Bangladesh published from Chittagong reports today that two leaders of the Democratic Youth Front, a front organisation of UPDF were kidnapped from Tabalchari boat ghat yesterday. Premlal Chakma, Member-Secretary and Dipen Dewan, Memebr of the Belaichari branch of the front were the victims of the abduction. The PCJSS, however, denied its involvement in these two abductions.

Input at 6.15pm:
Our Belaichari contact reports at 6pm that Dipen Dewan, son of Chandra Lal Dewan (Shawarna Lal) is back home at around 5.45pm today. The abductors separated him from Premlal yesterday in the evening. Clearer report is expected after a few hours.

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