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Sunday, July 11, 2010

CHT Citizen’s Committee voices on the GoB hard-line

The recently formed CCC, a platform of Jumma civil society figures, released a press statement today on the recently leaked out government policy on the CHT. Referring to a report, under the caption “Massive plan to stop violence and development” in the Daily Jugantor, a national vernacular published on 5th instant, Mr. Goutam Dewan, CCC President and former elected Chairman of Rangamati Hill District Local Government Council rejoins the government decisions, which include- readjustment of boundaries of 3 hill districts for creating a new district, formation of Strategic Management Forum, putting of strategic pressure on the CHT based regional political parties, holding of elections of Hill Districts and Regional Council based on UNDP recommendation by avoiding the question of Permanent Residentship and the legal bindings of the Hill Districts Councils and etc.

The press statement says “This is to be remembered, the Peace Accord was signed more than 12 years ago with the hope that peace and stability would be established in the troubled and unstable CHT which would directly or indirectly open the doors of national progress and probability. Like other people of the country the Hill people also believe that the full implementation of the CHT Accord can strengthen unbroken trust by ending all contradictions-conflicts–confusions and thus there shall be accelerated peace march in the CHT and all hindrances in practicing democracy shall be removed one after another. This Accord has been able get international acclamation as a milestone for establishing peace. And, for this extraordinary achievement Prime Minister Seikh Hasina bagged prestigious UNESCO peace award."

The press statement further states “We are extremely anxious on the news published in the Jugantor. The reason for our anxiety is, instead of the implementation of the CHT Accord the utterance includes such step (like readjustment of boundaries of 3 districts) which was ruled out by the CHT public representatives, at an opinion sharing meeting at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Rangamati long ago, fearing the intensification of dissatisfaction. Otherwise, the full implementation of the Accord could have played vital role in bringing back peace, amity and stability from their gradual disappearance. We consider the issues which have been under consideration of the government, as mentioned in the news report for dealing with the problems, are of political nature and, hence, it is wise to resolve these politically. The signing of the CHT Accord has been done from this consideration. The pronounced steps as reported in the newspaper may help accelerate the ongoing instability in the region, instead of stopping; if the fullest implementation of the CHT Accord is not done. Therefore, we do not think that there is an alternative of immediate and fullest implementation of the CHT Accord for ending the long awaited resolution of the problem. We have firm conviction that the honourable Prime Minister Seikh Hasina would show her firmness and sincerity which she projected during the singing of the Accord.”



    Hill civic body concerned
    at fresh govt plans

    Staff Correspondent
    The Chittagong Hill Tracts Citizen’s Committee on Saturday expressed concern over the government’s moves including readjustment of the boundaries of three hill districts and formation of a strategic management forum.
    ‘Carrying out of these plans without total implementation of the CHT accord might add to the ongoing tension in the hills,’ said a statement signed by the committee president, Gautam Dewan.
    ‘We are concerned at the government’s fresh plans in the hills instead of implementing the CHT accord which could restore dwindling peace in the hills. Moves to readjust boundaries were refused by the people’s representatives earlier,’ the statement said.
    ‘The problems the government want to address were political and they should be dealt with politically. The CHT accord was signed from this perspective,’ said the hill civic body.
    The committee urged the government to implement the 1997 accord fully. ‘There is no other way but to implement the accord to solve the longstanding crises and bring about peace, friendship and stability in the region,’ said the statement.
    According to newspaper reports, a review meeting on the situation in the hill tracts, chaired by prime minister Sheikh Hasina on May 5, placed a number of plans including readjustment of the boundaries of the three districts, transferring Baghaichhari upazila to Khagrachari from Rangamati, intensifying coordinated vigilance and strengthening paramilitary forces to guard the borders, and forming a strategic management forum with representatives from the ministries of the CHT Affairs, home, armed forces division, intelligence agencies, forest division and the circle chiefs concerned.

  2. Thanks for posting the comment. We, of course, posted the news at 03.33 hrs on 12 instant. It was possibly just a few minutes after the posting was done by the New Age. Thanks, CHT Voice.