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Friday, July 30, 2010

Land Commission chair woos Santu Larma and Devasish Roy

Courtesy: Prothom Alo, Dhaka, Saradesh, page 3, July 30, 2010

Below report is based on the Prothom Alo news “Justice Khademul and Devasish’s expectation, Land Commission’s meeting soon.”

Now Land Commission chair woos Santu Larma and Devasish Roy. Terms Larma as the “Architect of the Peace Accord” and visits Devasish Roy’s residence a night before the meeting.

In response to a question yesterday when the Land Commission meeting was over, Justice Khademul Islam, the CHT Land Commission Chair terms Santu Lama as the “Architect of the Peace Accord.” And, he further says “He is an experienced person. We shall take his experiences. I want his presence in all the meetings.”

Justice Islam dropped in at the residence of Raja Devasish Roy on Tuesday evening after his arrival at Rangamati for the yesterday’s meeting. Devasish Roy explained his stand for abstaining from the meetings and Justice Islam assured him for consideration.

The meeting started yesterday at Rangamati circuit house at 10.30 A.M. which lasted for two hours. Barrister Devasish Roy told the media persons “This is not a formal meeting. The Commission members may have different opinion. We had informal discussion on reducing the distance.”

Devasish Roy told Justice Khademul Islam in the meeting yesterday that if full formal meeting of the Commission is convened then he would extend cooperation to the Land Commission Chair to keep the CHT Regional Council Chair (Santu Larma) and two Circle Chiefs present in the meeting.

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