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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pro-accord armed group attacks at Dholyachari, Rangamati

Mr. Swapan Chakma (40+), son of Mr. Laphra Chakma, an inhabitant of Dholyachari village in Rangamati Sadar Upazila was attacked by a pro-accord armed group at his home last night at 9pm, a source alleges. It has been gathered from the source that a group of about 10 armed personnel rounded up the house of Swapan and asked him to surrender to them. Fearing of sure death Swapan favoured a risk and managed a safe escape and took shelter to the ‘S’ Band Ansar Camp, 2-km away from his home which falls on way to Belaichari. A member of the armed group shouted for firing at him.

Swapan has all thorough been a PCJSS supporter and has been under tremendous pressure from the pro-accord armed cadres for one of his close relatives who was made to be anti-PCJSS (Santu Larma) because of local contradictions (Union Committee). Swapan has recently enrolled his name with the BNP local committee. It has been reported that Swapan is still under the safe custody of the Ansars.

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  1. its sad dat we jummas r nt united....bad luck 4 us...killing ourselves...usin our own power 2 destroy our own brothers n sisters...