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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Social Voice Against the Government Plan

Source: The Daily Jugantor, Dhaka, July 31, 2010

Today’s issue of the Daily Jugantor, a national vernacular publishes an article of Sree Abhoy Prakash Chakma, social worker and businessman of Rangamati under the title “Chukti Pash Katiye Samadhan Sambhab Noy” (“Problem solution is not possible by bypassing the Accord”).

Referring to a news report published in the Daily Jugantor on 5th instant ( Chakma strongly differed with the recent government decision on the resolution of the CHT crisis by ignoring the commitment of the CHT Accord.

He concludes the article with his opinion “The government of a political party which signed the CHT Peace Accord cannot resolve the CHT problems in a different way by ignoring the Accord. We fear whether vested groups at home or beyond are enticing the government. There is no any alternative but to implement the Peace Accord rightfully for the interest of permanent peace.”

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