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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ushatan forms PCP committee under heavy security protection

Mr. Ushatan Talukdar, Vice President of the Santu Larma led PCJSS keeps him absent to yesterday’s important CHT Regional Council’s council meeting (He is also a member of the CHTRC), for opening the Manikchari (in Manikchari Upazilla under Khagarachari Hill District) High school PCP unit.

It has been reported that there was an exclusive briefing meeting with a group of PCP (Hill Students Council) youngsters day before yesterday at the house of Santosh Chakma(?) of Kalyanpur gate, Rangamati on how to tackle if adverse situation arises during the Manikchari mission.

Mr. Talukdar left Rangamati with Police protection party yesterday and arrived at Manikchari at 10.30 A.M. via Hathazari/Nazirhat with 3 transports (1 microbus owned by the CHT Regional Council and 1 Pajero jeep alloted to Mr. Larma by the government for CHT Accord implementation works and 1 rented private microbus) and faced a demonstration organised by the UPDF led PCP. There were local Police personnel for his protection at the venue and still a group of army from nearby camp rushed to the spot and drove the UPDF led PCP activists from there. Cutting short, Mr. Talukdar and his party of about 30 youngsters left the venue for Rangamati at 12 noon, anticipating further organised attack.

Last month Santu Larma led PCJSS volunteered forceful occupation of UPDF’s office at Rajasthali Upazila headquarters and invited heavy casualties. Mr. Talukdar also played lead role in keeping their control over Rajasthali Upazila headquarters and quitted this place when the Superintendent of Police, Masood-UL-Hasan warned Mr. Talukdar otherwise face consequences. Finally, they were forced to wind-up their control from Rajasthali Upazilla headquarters as the Police did not agree to continue the protection.

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