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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Death haunts Swapan and his father, Laphra

Now Swapan Chakma (40) and his father, Laphra Chakma (65) are on their toes as sure death hunts them. Laphra quitted his home on 14th instant when some Bhorat, commander of an armed group known as pro-peace accord group tried to catch him to take his life. Swapan had a narrow escape when his home was rounded up by the same group on 21 July (Please visit this blog for the news "Pro-accord armed group attacks at Dholyachari, Rangamati" posted on 22 July) . And since then he is moving from this place to that place, in search of some safety. His father joined him on 14th instant and they jointly have been leading terrible life at safe houses at Rangamati town which they call “hideout”, as Rangamati is infested by Jumma pro-peace accord armed members.

Lahpra Chakma (65) of Dholyachari village of Jibtoli Union of Rangamati Sadar Upazila is leading a terrible life as he is in a hit list of an armed group. Bhorat, the commaner of this group tried to catch him on 14th instant but failed. Laphra spent 16 years in Thega jungles due to CHT situation and was back to his native village in 1998, after the CHT Accord was signed.

Their women and children also followed them leaving all the properties, large orchards and teak gardens of about 50,000 trees at Dholyachari village of Jibtoli Union under Rangamati Sadar Upazila, when the same group went to hunt them on 21 and 22 instant with aggressive mood. Laphra Chakma returned his native village in 1998 with his family, soon after the signing of the CHT Accord, after spending about 16 years in Thega valley jungles, close to Indian border which he opted for avoiding the CHT turmoil.

Swapan Chakma (40) of Dholyachari village under Rangamati Sadar Upazila is in search of safety and security of life. He was rounded up on 21 July by a group of armed group but they failed to catch him.

Now question arises why the armed men are so aggressive on Swapan? Swapan, an ardent PCJSS local leader became irregular when PCJSS had been experiencing internal crisis in 2006. His younger brother, Tapan who was also a strong PCJSS supporter and a PCP (Hill Students Council) leader had been kept under aggressive pressure by pro-accord PCP and PCJSS young local activists. When his life was at stake he joined the UPDF in early 2009. Thus, pressure upon Swapan was increased and he joined the BNP in the last part of 2009, for proving him that he was not involved with regional politics. His complete PCJSS Union committee followed him and thus the area's public support towards Santu Larma's PCJSS has gone to the bottomline. Thus, the said armed group became aggressive upon Swapan and Laphra, Swapan Chakma claims.

They, both father and son came to the CHT Voice on 23 instant, asked for advice and support. It has been gathered that the BNP leader of Rangamati Hill District Mr. Dipen Dewan took the Swapan’s issue with a senior PCJSS leader but it did not work, therefore, the two families flew to Khagarachari Hill District last week and leading tough life without money and food.

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