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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DWC and MJF lunch “Between Ashes and Hope", a book on the CHT today

Dristipat Writers’ Collective (, a vehicle of Dristipat (, a human rights organisation on Bangladesh issues lunches a book on the CHT crisis today in Dhaka. The book “Between ashes and hope: CHT in the blind spot of Bangladesh nationalism”, a compilation of 70 essays in 288 pages is a unique initiative on the CHT. Manusher Janno Foundation, a Bangladeshi NGO with the DFID support has supported the move. The book also accommodates essays of many Jumma writers.

Mr. Naeem Mohaiemen and other young voice makers of the DWC have volunteered all the tasks to make the move successful. Ms. Hana A. Sams, Secretary of the CHT Commission Secretariat in Dhaka has also enshouldered important responsibility in bringing out the book. We strongly welcome this move of DWC and MJF and hope that such initiative would be continued to amplify the weak voice of the Jummas to help reach to the ears of the ruling class of the country.

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