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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Overview of the CHT Voice blog in last 5 months

The CHT Voice has just had crossed its 5th month and it has been able to draw attention of 2,535 pageviews from 10 countries of the world. There has been very limited posting of news/reports in Aug and Sept. Below is the overview of response of readers monitored by inbuilt monitor of the blog (which can only be seen by the administrator). We warmly congratulate the viewers from USA (California and New York) for being 2nd. We're thankful to all the visitors for their pageviews.

From May 1, 2010 (12.03 am) to 30 Sept 2010 (12am)
(Monitored by inbuilt counter)

Total pageview: 2,535

Total country: 13
(Bangladesh, United States, Australia, India, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Canada, UK, China, Norway, Pakistan, Singapore)

5 lead posts:
Reception to Devasish Roy, July 23.(71 views),
CHT Citizen’s Committee voices, July 11, (64 views),
Women were not safe, Aug 25, (62 views),
Land Commission Chair woos Santu Larma, July 30, (55 views),
Beyond Bengali People, Aug 24, (52 views),

5 top pageview countries:
Bangladesh: 1,334,
USA: 417,
Australia: 92,
India: 87
Switzerland: 70.

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