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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anti-Santu Larma JSS marches forward

Baghaichari JSS Thana Committee has been formed today at Babupara community centre at Baghaichari Upazila headquarters. A 19-member committee under the presidentship of Shantipriya Chakma (Udyam), a veteran JSS leader and general secretaryship of Amar Kanti Chakma has been formed. Tatindra Lal Chakma, widely known as Major Pele was the chief guest while Dharmavir Chakma, Dighinala Upazila chairman was the special guest and the conference was inaugurated by Baghaichari Upazila chairman Sudarshan Chakma.

Today's conference is a major event in the Upazila after the JSS conference for forming the Rangamati JSS District committee on last 10th of August at the same venue. There have been about 250 delegates from different corners of the Upazila. The anti-Santu Larma JSS is engaged in massive public and activists mobilization programme to strengthen the new leadership and the new JSS and popularize the call for greater Jumma unity and unity among the peoples of the CHT. On last 3rd the JSS Union committee for Perachara union under Khagarachari Sadar was also formed at Giriphul, which is famous as the nerve centre of the UPDF movement. A 17-member committee was formed involving 7 Karbaries (village head) of the Union. The same way Logang Union committee was also formed in last month at Dhudukchara, which got national and international attention for the peace dialogue between JSS and the Bangladesh government.


  1. we should stop UPDF

  2. Go ahead,I m also with u.To think about jumma soliderity and unity we should do it.

  3. Good! You are doing your job. Please don't follow the "politics of violence". Already it has been too much for the jumma people. In the democratice movement non-violence is the way to attract people. Otherside might try its best to be violent, but your side should be very patient. Be creative to involve mass people. Along with political mobilisation, please try to pay attention to the social issues, for instance, education and other livelihood opportunities of the people at local level. People are in chaos. Jummas are losing their potential due to chaotic jumma politics. Strong local leadership is very much essential to address social issues, otherwise politics will be meaningless.