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Saturday, October 23, 2010

CHT Voice gets global attention

An account of reading of the CHT Voice blog in one day ( 22 Oct 10am to 23 Oct 9am)

Bangladesh- 50
Netherlands- 20
United States- 14
Canada- 12
India- 12
France- 3
Belgium- 1
Germany- 1
Russia- 1

One reader has given 1 comment on the report "Update of fraticidal killing in Badolchari, Rangamati Sadar on 29 Oct" (

As of today (10am) the CHT Voice has got readers from 29 countries and 4,106 visits, from Bangladesh, Unitd States, Poland, Belgium, Canada, Iraq, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, Malta, Taiwan, India, Saudi Arab, Russia, France, Germany, Singapore, Pakistan, China, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia, Ukrine, Iran, Slovenia, Indonesia, Romania and Algeria.

We encourage the readers to keep their eyes on the CHT Voice and support our move for reunification of the Jumma people and all the peoples of the CHT.

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