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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fresh fratricidal killings in Rangamati Sadar and Rajasthali

Yesterday there was a fresh exchange of fires between 2 groups (pro-accord and anti-accord) at Bandaramachara of Badolchari of Hemanta Mouza (east of Rangamati town) of Rangamati Hill District. The firing started at 10am and continued till 5pm. One Bengali newspaper claims that one succumbed death from the side of anti-accord group while another source claim that 2 have been killed from pro-accord group.

One Sugandhi Tanchangya (45), an Union Council Member for No. 6 Ward of Gyandhya Union under Rajasthali Upazila was killed by some unknown assailants. Reliable sources claim that it has been done by the pro-accord armed group at 8pm on 20th instant at his home at Chang Khyong (elephant river) village under Jimrong Mouza.

A local report claims that a group of 15 persons of pro-accord group infiltrated to this area under Kaptai and Rajasthali Upazilas from Harinchara of Bhajyatoli Mouza and Gaskabachara of Raingkhyong a few days ago and they formed 25 with their earlier postings posted at Raikhali area under Kaptai Upazila ‘Tax Collection’ posts (Gabachra post 2, Kalamaschya post 3, Moidong Sitapahar post 3 and Chitmaram 2). It is this new infiltrated group which killed Sugandhi Tanchnagya, reports claim.

UPDF claims Sugandhi as their man while it is reported that he was loyal to Awami League

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