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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Illegal arms recovered from Tintilya of Langadu township

25 Bengal of Bangladesh Army posted at Langadu Upazila headquarters in Rangamati Hill Tracts recovered 6 arms and 81 cartriteges yesterday at 10am. No owners have been found with these illegal arms and ammunitions. A group of army went to Kattol Bagan area of the Upazila township at around 9/10pm on Thursday night.

For many months a small band of pro-peace accord armed group has been openly staying at Langadu township and engaged them in illegal activities such as torture, abduction, killing and extortion. This small band works as advance post of their main group which is based in the eastern side of the lake. This is a question that how illegal armed men can operate illegal activities for months together by keeping them at the Upazila headquarters under the surveillance of the administration.

PHOTO: Prothom Alo. Arms recovered from the pro-peace accord armd group at Kattol Bagan, Tintilya, Langadu Upazila headquarters.

A local leader of Langadu tells the CHT Voice today "Jumma people of Langadu area have seriously been perturbed with the continuous misbehavior and physical torture by the members of this armed group. Last week they killed an innocent Jumma man from Manikjorchara (west of Langagu Upazila headquarters). They openly move around at Tintilya and Langadu and beyond."

It has been gathered that the arms and ammunitions have been recovered from a place north of the house of Anil Chairman at Tintilya (southern part of Langadu township). The illegal items have been temporally cached under bamboo groves (Bhajya) very close from a few houses. Referring to an army officer of Langadu the prestigious national daily, the prothom Alo reports today ( that these have been recovered from dense forests of Kathaltali of Langadu. According to this report 2 SBBL gun with 37 cartridges, 1 point 303 rifle with 30 cartridges, 1 shortened rifle, 1 Chinese pistol with 17 cartridges and 1 pipe gun have been recovered.

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