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Thursday, October 14, 2010

JSS gives Abhilash’s ‘Satdinya’ tomorrow

Abhilash’s ‘Satdinya’ (ritual after a person's death) takes place tomorrow at Kalyanpur. The venue may either be courtyard of the building occupied by Mangal Kumar Chakma, Information and Publicity Secretary, JSS (adjacent to Santu Larma’s residence) or the vacant ground of Kalyanpur. An arrangement of 500 persons has been finalized for the programme.

Abhilash Chakma, the UPDF turned JSS leader was killed on 8th instant by unknown assailants at his rented home at Kalyanpur, Rangamati. Santu Larma’s JSS claimed that it was perpetrated by UPDF.

Any death or killing is painful. We express our deepest sorrow for untimely loosing of his life and express sympathy towards his surviving wife and family members. We, at the same time ask his wife and relatives to be intelligent so that innocent persons are not harassed by entangling in the murder case, to fulfill the design of some vested quarters.

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