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Friday, October 22, 2010

Killing continues in Rajasthali-Rajbila area

Mr. U Thowain Ching of Komodong village of Rajbila Union under Bandarban Hill District is the latest victim of ‘Politics of Violence’ in the CHT. A traditional leader who has association with some leaders of Santu Larma’s JSS from Bandarban discloses to the CHT Voice today that on Tuesday U Thowain Ching was abducted from Rajbila by pro-accord group.

Another source from Narangiri of Chandraghona area tells the CHT Voice that U Thowain Ching was killed by pro-accord group yesterday by the pro-accord group which infiltrated to the area very recently from Harinchara of Raingkhyong and who also killed Sugandhi Tanchangya, UP Member at Gyandha on 20 instant (

A report claims today that a group of 12 belonging to the pro-accord group went to Narangiri Bara Para yesterday in the evening wearing combat dress uniform which is used by Bangladesh army and introduced them as UPDF members.

Today in the evening the ATN News reports in its headlines that some Mong Thui Prue, Union Youth League President’s dead body was recovered today. He hails from Tain Khali of Rajbila Union.

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