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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Population boom in Bangladesh, UNFPA report 2010 claims

UNFPA report 2010 launched yesterday in Dhaka claims the present population of Bangladesh is 164.4 million (16 koti 44 lac). The increase rate is 1.4% and if the increase rate goes this way the population will be 220.0 million (22 koti) in 2050. Present world’s population is 6,900.0 million (690 koti), according to the UNFPI report.

According to the Government census in 2001 it was 129.9 million (12 koti 99 lac) and exact population can be known in 2011 through the government population census.

Dr. Abdur Razzak, Minister for Food and Disaster Management says to ATN News yesterday that the population increase is one of many problems in the country. And, if the population increase goes this way then the food security in Bangladesh will seriously be hampered. It will be difficult to manage the price increase of commodities. Dr. Razzak, to some extent, held the international community responsible for the population increase in Bangladesh by the comment- “International support was to some extent weak in the population control.”

About 2 months ago the Prime Minister, Ms Seikh Hasina said in a function in Dhaka that population problem is not a curse to Bangladesh, it is rather a blessing as there has been notable rise of elderly persons in western countries and they are in need of young workforce for their countries. Therefore, Bangladesh will train up her youths and send them to these countries and earn dollars for the country.

The CHT and the peripheries of the country inhabitated by indigenous peoples and also the minorities of the country will be the easy preys of this population boom which will increase conflicts and led to increased vulnerability.

Pl read this report: The Daily Star, Dhaka, 21 Oct 2010. “Population 16.44 cr”

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