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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pro-CHT accord group tries to capture opponents in Belaichari

A reliable source reports today that a group of about 25 armed personnel of the pro-CHT accord group infiltrated in Belaichari Dheba Mada village in Belaichari Upazila on last Tuesday. They came from Fakirachara under Dumdumya Union of Jurochari Upazila via Belaichari Mono Adam.

In the Tuesday morning they controlled all the boats which ply between Beliachari Dheba Mada and Belaichari bazar and searched for anti-CHT accord personnel and did not get any such persons.

The group took the jungle of Nakabachara and returned to Dumdumya Union when they sensed about the army’s movement for them. Thus, the innocent Jummas have been spared from being subjected to victimization.

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