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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Two gunned down in Baghaichari, we call upon all concerned to halt violence in CHT

Within 36 hours of killing of Abhilash Chakma at Rangamati town there has been a fresh killing in Madhyam Pablakhali village under Baghaichari Upazila today at 2.30 pm. It has been reported that two villagers, Mihirlal Chakma (40) of Madhyam Pablakhali and Kala Chakma (26) of Perachara of Khedarmara Union have been gunned down by a group of 16 armed men. It has been gathered that the armed men went there from Sarbotoli with two engine boats.

We've no language to denounce the ongoing killings in the CHT. We would like to believe that these killings basically are because of violent politics and hence the concerned political partis can stop these killings. Therefore, we call upon the concerned political leaders to direct their political agenda taking the strength of Jumma people in their confidence. We are ready to volunteer our credibility for halting these unlawfull and fruitless killings.

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