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Friday, October 22, 2010

Update of the fratricidal killing in Badolchari, Rangamati Sadar on 20 Oct

Source: Prothom Alo, Dhaka, 22 Oct 2020

Below report claims that there was 3 dead and 2 wounded in the conflict between the pro-accord and anti-accord armed groups.

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  1. How days long the Jummas have to witness this fratricidal killings among ourselves? The reasons are very clear it is nothing but a power play games. Why do these two Jumma groups cann't understand the fact that some vested quarters are extremely busy to take all benefits with their clapping in their luxarious chairs?
    Why don't JB Larma and Prasit Khisa understand the very clear motives of these vested quarters? Why can't both of the leaders show their generous political attitude for the greater interest of their Jumma people?
    They must also know the facts that their murderous attitudes are going unbearable for the Jummas in general.
    Please stop all these brutal fratricidal killings if you genuinely want to bring back peace and help establish the Jummas' rights in the CHT.