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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Warring JSS and Awami League

JSS and Awami league now confront on the issue of establishing Secience and Technology Univeristy and Medical College in Rangamati. Awami League organised a meeting day before yesterday to protest the alleged abduction and physical assault of some Awami League and Students League members by the suspected armed cadres of JSS while they were returning homes after attending to a human chain programme organised at Rangamati in favour of the said university and Medical college.

After the yesterday's protest meting the Awami League submitted a memo to the prime Minister. For details could be consulted.

Mr. Santu Larma has been strongly opposing the establishment of the said university and the Medical college on some grounds. The Government, on the other hand, is determind to implement it. A few weeks ago the State Minister for Home Ministry reiterated his Government's determination in favour of these two insitutions, while he was visiting the CHT. With the yesterday's protest meeting it seems that now the ruling party takes hardline on the issue.

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