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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Army capture arms and pro-CHT Accord group members in Rangamati

A print media source tells the CHT Voice a while ago that 10 armed members belonging to the “PCJSS” were arrested today at around 5pm with 6 weapons and 40 rounds of ammunitions from Hajaribag village in Rangamati Sadar Upazila. The source claims that 1 pistol, 1 SMG and 4 short rifles have been recovered. One Juddhadhan Chakma is one of armed men who is an inhabitant of the village. The operation was conducted by Lt. Col. Tareq, Zone Commander of Rangamati Sadar Zone, the source reports.

A source associated with the CHT Voice reports that 5 of a “Collection” group of 8 men belonging to the pro-CHT Accord armed group have been arrested with some weapons in the evening. Rest 3 who have active presence at Rangamati town have been able run away from the net. Juddhadhan Chakma and Sunil Chakma are among the arrested persons. This armed group has been engaged in carefree extortion in the area.

N.B.: 28 Nov, 08.05am:
Pl read the Prothom Alo to know the names of the arrested armed men and have some different idea:

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