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Saturday, December 25, 2010

2 tigers can't live in a jungle, a Jumma proverb goes

Two groups belonging to opposite poles lock their horns today in Marishya. Their exchange of fire shattered the silence of Shilchari village of remote eastern part of Baghaichari. The village falls on the right bank of the Sijak River, in Tangum area of Sijak reserve, on way to Sijak Dojor of Baghaichari Upazila in Rangamati Hill District.

The pro-accord group infiltrated in their lost lands, Baghaichari proper, day before yesterday under the cover of evening darkness and laid ambush at Madhya Baghaichari village with a hope good catch. Unfortunately, the attempt went fruitless.

It has been gathered that the pro-accord group went back to its base area, Tangum, in the right bank of the Sijak River. An anti-accord search party sprayed bullets on 4 members of the pro-accord group when they were fleeing from a village shop of Shilchari at 3.30pm today and afterwards they returned 9 single shots.

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24 Dec 2010,

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