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Friday, December 17, 2010

ACHR releases its first "Human Rights Report Qurterly"

On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day the Asian Centre for Human Rights announces the following:

On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has the pleasure to release the first issue of the“India Human Rights Report Quarterly - the only journal providingcomprehensive information about the status of human rights in India.

This issue (146 pages) contains a Special Report on “Arming of theMaoists”; commentary and analysis on the Food Security Bill, Indian army’srole in Kashmir’s Intifada; status of civil and political rights andeconomic, social and cultural rights in 27 States; state of the NationalHuman Rights Institutions; critical order/judgements, and India’s role atthe UN and in the neighbourhood. It also contains two field reportsrespectively on "Corporate and the Maoists nexus: A case study inJharkhand" as part of the Special Report and a fact finding report onforced eviction from the Dampa Tiger Reserve in Mizoram.

The full report in pdf can be accessed at:
The list of articles covered in the IHRRQ along with their web links aregiven below:
SPECIAL REPORT-India: Handing explosives to the Maoists(
- Mining and arming of the Maoists(
- Corporate and the Maoists nexus: A case study in Jharkhand(
COMMENTARY AND ANALYSIS- The promises and perils of the Food SecurityBill(
- Indian army’s role in Kashmir’sIntifada(
- Forced eviction from the Dampa Tiger Reserve in Mizoram: The report ofthe fact findingmission(
- Arunachal Pradesh(
- Assam(
- Bihar(
- Chhattisgarh(
- Delhi(
- Gujarat(
- Haryana(
- Himachal Pradesh(
- Jammu and Kashmir(
- Jharkhand(
- Karnataka(
- Kerala(
- Madhya Pradesh(
- Maharashtra(
- Manipur(
- Meghalaya(
- Mizoram(
- Nagaland(
- Orissa(
- Punjab(
- Rajasthan(
- Tamil Nadu(
- Tripura(
- Uttar Pradesh(
- Uttarakhand(
- West Bengal(
NHRIs- Vox populi: NHRIs’ credentials suspect(
- The NCSC – what ails India’s NHRIs(
JUDGEMENTS- Security forces: vacate the schools in North East India(
- AFSPA cannot block investigation(
INDIA AT THE UN AND IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD- Report of the SR on the adverse effects of the toxic & dangerousproducts in India(
- Snippets(

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