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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Commander Indu’s flight from Maini upper to Thega

Commander Indu’s flight from Maini upper to Thega
Is it for a secret meeting with a high profile person from Rangamati?

The CHT Voice has been tracking commander Indu since the last week of May 2010 when he took over Maini upper part, north of Nareichari BOP.

Referring to the local inhabitants of Maini upper a source from Dighinala tells the CHT Voice that commander Indu of the pro-CHT accord armed group has completely abandoned his Maini upper base. Being attracted by the out-movement of the armed men in groups the local inhabitants made reconnaissance on the base and they finally found that it was completely abandoned and it was not sterilized as they found empty bunkers and some evidences.

Now Indu’s mission to reoccupy Panchari and Dighinala Upazilas of Khagarachari Hill District via India remains unfulfilled. He may repent now that his abduction of 2 innocent civilians from Dhudukchara on 25th Nov has been the root cause of his failure which led to the arrest of 8 men including him in Indian soil.

Indu abandoned the Maini upper base on 5th instant and arrived at Sijak Dojor in the evening of 7th instant, via Sajek international border. He was seen in Bara Harina area day before yesterday and it is understood that he was possibly heading towards Thega area. A report received from Rangamati claims, a secret meeting between the commanders pro-CHT accord armed group and a high profile person from Rangamati may be held in Thega area very soon.

Let us see whether Indu returns again to Maini upper after the meeting in Thega.

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