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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Criminal offences continue unabated at Rangamati town, Putul Bikash abducted under daylight

Mr. Putul Bikash Chakma, about 50 yrs old, inhabitant of Masterpara, Dighinala sadar of Khagarachari Hill District has increased the list of victims of political crimes at Rangamati town, perpetrated by a most identified political operative.

Putul Bikash was abducted on 21 instant by 6/7 persons from a few yards away from the office of Forest Department at Rangamati town at around 11.30am. His bike was also looted. The criminals came with 2 auto-rickshaws and 2 motor bikes and picked him up the way it is done in the films. Putul’s friend, a Bengali man tried to rescue Putul but failed.

The actual reason of Putul’s abduction is not clear. But, it is assumed that his one is also for political revenge. He arrived Rangamati from Dighinala in the morning and became victim of abduction. He is President of Dighinala Thana Sechha Sebak League, a front organisation of Awami League. The Awami family in Khagarachari attempted to organise political programme for his rescue but his wife strongly opposed any political action fearing sure killing of her husband by the criminals. Negotiation is on.

Series of criminal actions: killing, abduction, threatening, looting and etc have been taking place at Rangamati town since long, as a means of political language. Many Jumma persons have been victims so far, but agencies responsible for law and order have kept their eyes closed. The motive is very clear and unless they change their policy, Rangamati town cannot be safe for anybody. Unfortunately, there is also none from Dhaka to see the issue very seriously.

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