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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Denial continues to give back share deposits of CHT ex-combatants

Mr. Santu Larma

The JSS returnee members who returned to over ground under the CHT Peace Accord (ex-combatants) have been deprived of their share deposits given to Santu Larma controlled men, 13 years ago, for an institutionalized business. The JSS accumulated 10 million taka in 23 days from about 1947 ex-combatants for running the business. These share deposits had been collected from the money given to the ex-combatants by the Bangladesh Government. Each ex-combatant received 50,000 taka each for negotiating immediate needs, as part of their rehabilitation.

Badi Chan Chakma alias Samarjit, 60 yrs, an ex-combatant and lives in Babuchara, is upset with the party leadership, for cheating with ex-combatants, in the name of an institutionalized business.

Some Mongsathowai Marma, a JSS ex-combatant and now a police constable visited the CHT Regional Council office about 2.5 months ago, to get back 5,000 taka given 13 years ago towards a share. Mr. Marma came to Rangamati to meet Mr. Santu Larma when he was posted in Barishal. Mr. Marma did neither get back the money nor could meet Lama. He was seriously in need of this money for his wife’s treatment and solicited an interview through a slip, but it happened what he did not expect; Larma did not give him time. He was seriously upset and went back to his posting.

This is not the lone case. Hundreds of such stories could be found. On 11th instant Samarjit, an ex-combatant from Kyong Ghat of Babuchara, Dighinala expressed his sheer unhappiness for almost the same story. He joined the Shanti Bahini in 1974 and concluded the armed movement in Feb 1998, under the CHT Peace Accord, is father of 2 daughters and a son; all the three go the college and schools. He bought a share for 5,000 taka and has tried to withdraw the money as there has been no business so far and also to meet his serious family needs. He sent his wife once and a daughter also to Rangamati to meet Larma beyond his two fruitless visits. Once he was misbehaved by Larma on the ground of giving unnecessary pressure. He told this story to the CHT Voice on 11th instant at Babuchara.

Enrolled him in the CHT movement in 1979, Nihar Bindu Chakma alias Nikash, now 55 yrs, an ex-combatant and former Regional Director, Juba Samiti, youth front of JSS tells the CHT Voice on 11th instant, "The leadership has cheated us with this small amount.", as he has been denied to get back his share money despite repeated requests.

Nikas, an ex-combatant and a former Regional Director of Juba Samiti, youth front of the JSS also expressed his sheer anger on 11th instant on the same issue. He also bought a share with same amount and is yet to get back the money to meet his serious needs despite repeated requests. He, with frustration, remarked, “The leadership has cheated us with this small amount.” When talking to the CHT Voice he looked pale and helpless. He lives in Govinda Karbari para of Madhya Baghaichari of Dighinala Upazila.
The whole 10 million taka had been kept with 3 bank accounts in Khagarachari. But, Mr. Santu Larma, in the name of borrowing, have finished the whole money in about six months and never refunded and never initiated the promised institutionalized business. Some of the ex-combatants did not actually want to deposit money against the shares anticipating such occurrence, based on earlier experiences. Now, it proves that they are really wise men.

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