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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Govt abandons 3-day long “trial” hearing of the CHT Land Commission, Jumma people hail the decision

Begum Sajeda Chowdhury, head of the CHT Accord Implementation committee showed red flag to the dashing programme of the CHT Land Commission today at 7.30pm, soon after the closing of the meeting. She told the media at Khagarachari circuit house after the meeting that the Land Commission shall not organise the controversial hearing tomorrow.

Begum Sajeda also told the media that- so long we talked to the issues, now we shall work, this is right time to work. She furthered told that if it is necessary then the Govt shall repeal the law, talking on the CHT Land Commission’s law, in response to a question of the media persons.

It has been gathered that the Govt shall exclude the Deputy Commissioners from the authority of issuing certificate to non-tribal residents. This is another result of today’s meeting, it has been gathered. In violation of the CHT accord and the concerned laws the MoCHTA led by Kalpa Ranjan Chakma, the first Minister of MoCHTA empowered the DCs with this authority and so long the DCs have been issuing this certificates.

The Government possibly tested the strength of the Jumma organisations and their leaders by starting the “trial” hearing of a few cases of land disputes. However, the GoB has taken a wise decision by abandoning this decision. Now, she needs to concentrate her mind to implement the CHT accord as committed in the election manifesto of the Awami League.

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