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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jummas protest CHT Land Commission’s ensuing hearing of cases

JSS (anti-Larma) and PCP activists stage a human chain at MN Larma Square, near Mohajanpara, Khagarachari town today to protest the controversial hearing of land cases by the CHT Land Commission.

Human chains have been formed today at Rangamati and Khagarachari district towns. CHT Citizen’s committee organised human chain and submitted memo to Deputy Commissioner, Rangamati addressed to the Prime Minister today.

In Khagarachari the JSS (mainstream and as well as anti Larma) and its student wing, PCP organised a human chain at MN Larma Square, Mohajanpara and denounced the Land Commission’s activities. Rupayan Dewan, Co-Chairperson issued a press statement on behalf of the JSS and demanded to 1) withhold the hearing of cases of the CHT Land Commission, 2) start functioning of the Land Commission after amendment of the inconsistent points and 3) release Mr. Khademul Islam, Chairman of the Land Commission and appoint a new capable person.

The police tried to oppose this human chain and kept every moment under pressure so that the gathering could not be bigger and the duration lengthy. 4 jeeps were obstructed at Bhaibonchara police camp so that they could not join the human chain and the activists immediately blocked the Khagarachari-Panchari road in protest, and ultimately the police had been forced to allow them to move for Khagarachari town.

Jumma Refugees Welfare Association, District Headmen Association, Karbari Association and CHT Citizen’s Committee also staged human chain at Khagarachari, near the press club today to protest the Land Commission’s activities.

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