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Monday, December 13, 2010

Larma cries for public support in Thega to annihilate his own brothers

Larma returned Rangamati yesterday at 3pm, after an overnight tour. He went to Thega on 11 Dec and spent the night at Thega primary school after his dinner at Kamini Chakma’s home. Of course, he was scheduled to pass the night at Kamini Chakma’s home at Thega duar.

Larma went to Khubbang, 7 miles south of Thega duar. In two separate meetings at Khubbang and Thega duar he spoke before the communities. He assured them to provide help in running agro business like ginger and turmeric through the would be Thega land port in Mizoram-CHT international border.

In the meetings Larma vehemently criticized the UPDF and the anti-Larma JSS for waging their "anti-nation and ant-people" role. He openly uttered the name of Mr. Tatindra Lal Chakma popularly known as Major Pele and brought accusation against him and his colleagues for plotting against his (Larma's) leadership. He termed them as 'clique'. He opined that unless these forces are annihilated (nirmul) then no rights could be attained for the Jumma people.

Larma pledged before the public, in these meetings, to annihilate (nirmul) UPDF and anti-Larma JSS, in his term, the shanskarbadi (reformist) and urged for massive public support.

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