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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Police occupy Khagarachari town today, administration foils UPDF’s celebration of 12th year of its foundation

Khagarachari town today suddenly becomes a town of police and security personnel. And, this is for the visits of Begum Sajeda Chowdhury, M.P., Deputy Leader of the House and the head of the CHT Accord Implementation Committee, Mr. Dipankar Talukdar, M.P. and State Minister, responsible for the Ministry on CHT Affairs, Mr. Santu Larma, Chairman, CHT Regional Council, and Mr. JL Tripura, M.P. and Chairman, Task Force.

Besides, there were protest programmes by 5 organisations (JSS, PCP, Jumma Refugees Welfare Organisation, Headmen Association, and CHT Citizen’s Committee) against the CHT Land Commission’s hearing of land cases from tomorrow and celebration of 12th year of foundation of UPDF today. Today Superintendent of Police and his all subordinate officials had no scope to take chairs. All were seen busy on streets and giving protocol to VIP’s.

The military, police and para-military personnel have been extra-ordinarily busy today to foil the UPDF’s programme. In all Upazilas of Rangamati and Khagarachari Hill Districts the administration was busy so that UPDF organisers could not organize their 12th year of its foundation. In Naniachar Upazila the organisers organised their programme on boats; the leaders gave their lectures from boat and the participants listened to them keeping them on boats. A media person associated with a national daily claims that Maha Ranjan Chakma, a UPDF leader from Jurochari was arrested today by the police.

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