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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rupayan Dewan meets leaders of Dighinala today, JSS mass mobilization for defusing conflicts continues

Rupayan Dewan, Co-Chair of the JSS and Member of the CHT Regional Council visited Babuchara Murapara of Babuchara Union of Dighinala Upazila today. On his way to Babuchara he attended to a meeting with the JSS, PCP and Juba Samiti leaders of Dighinala Thana at JSS Thana office.

Mr. Paritosh Chakma, Chairman, Babuchara Union Council gives his speech as chair of the meeting.

At 1.30pm he attended to a mass mobilization meeting at Rokchandra Mohajanpara Community Centre to mobilize community leaderships for exerting people’s power for halting ongoing fratricidal conflicts. The meeting was convened by the Dighinala JSS Thana committee.The meeting was very lively with the active participation of community and public leaders through question and answer procedure. The central focus was confined on the role of the mass people in halting Jumma fratricidal conflicts, challenges and possibilities. All the participants in one voice agreed to strategize the action plan for praying for peace in the CHT from the politicians who are considered to be vital.Mr. Rupayan Dewan emphasized on the urgent need of active role of the mass people for early recovery from Jumma division. The elected public representatives, community leaders and social workers of Dighinala Upazila got tremendously animated with his call and had fully assured him to do needful for battling down the conflicts.

Mr. Nabakamal Chakma

Mr. Nabakamal Chakma, the most influencial social worker and a voicemaker of Maini valley has played a vital role to encourage the participants in favour of initiating the people's peace mission. Mr. Chandra Ranjan Chakma, Chairman, No. 4 Dighinala Union Council who is considered as neutral person having no politiacl colour has also been seen to be one of the key persons to lead the people's peace mission. Mr. Paritosh Chakma, UP Chairman, Babuchara Union Parishad concluded the meeting after assuring his active and positive role to defuse the Jumma conflicts.


  1. There is no answers about 'how' to stop the fatricidal conflict. What and how the mass people can do something to stop the conflict? What are the roots of conflicts? You should give the mass people the idea how they can contribute to this efforts.

  2. In response to the comment posted by an anonymous responder on 13th at 7:40 AM:

    Your valued comment has highly been welcomed by our leadership. According to us, the Jumma people hold the mightiest power to force the political quarters who are not ready to comply with the reality. The reality is to immediately stop conflicts and establish a greater Jumma unity, for the interest of the CHT accord implementation and for establishing Jumma rights.

    Major Political changes can be achieved with the direct participation of the mass people. In our recent meetings the local community leaderships are appreciating the concept of Jumma conflict management and are expressing their positive gesture.

    There is nothing to think that there is no role to be played by the mass people to stop the ongoing fierce conflicts.

    On 11th instant we sought support from the people for greater Jumma unity for peace and achieving Jumma rights by defusing Jumma conflicts at a meeting at Babuchara and the same day Mr. Santu Larma declared to annihilate other parties for achieving Jumma rights in Thega. One side wants peace while the other wants blood. In this warring situation if the mass people shoulder the responsibility, then peace can return without heavy losses. Our report posted on 13th instant could be appreciated.

  3. i personally gone through many SWOT analysis of CHT !! finally i found " Dream should be closer to the reality !!"

    all the very best !!!!

  4. Mr. Adong Chakma, a CHT development activist strongly recommends the following to stop the CHT internal killings. His idea/recommendation may kindly be appreciated.

    The new JSS led by the new leadership strongly believes that CHT will bleed unless there is a strong social voice involving Jumma masses against the ongoing political killings.

    To save the innocent people from killings and the movement for CHT Accord implementation all the Jummas and their friends in Bangladesh and beyond should raise their voice against the political autocracy in the CHT.

    Our JSS' new leadership is committed for greater Jumma unity and a strong democratic JSS led by a collective leadership, against the autocratic leadership active within JSS since 1983.


    CHT Voice

    ১) শিশু অর্পির হত্যার জন্যে সরকারের কাছে নয়, সন্তু লারমার কাছে বিচার চাওয়া।জুম্ম জাতির অভিভাবক হিসেবে সন্তু লারমাকে এর সুষ্ঠু বিচার করতে হবে।
    ২) একটি দলনিরপেক্ষ কমিটি গঠন করে শিশু অর্পির হত্যাকান্ড তদন্ত করা। উক্ত তদন্ত কমিটিতে সাংবাদিক, আইনজীবি ও মানবাধিকারকর্মী অন্তর্ভুক্ত করা। প্রয়োজনে দেশের শিশু অধিকার ও মানবাধিকার সংগঠনসমূহকে সম্পৃক্ত করা।
    ৩) আগামীতে এরকম কোন ধরনের ভ্রাতৃঘাতী খুনখারাবি হলে যেই গ্রুপ দায়ী হবে সেই গ্রুপের নেতার কাছে লংমারচসহকারে বিচার দাবী করা। যতক্ষণ না পর্যন্ত দাবী আদায় না হবে ততক্ষণ পর্যন্ত সেই নেতা/নেত্রীর বাসভবনে অবস্থান ধরমঘট চালিয়ে যাওয়া।
    ৪) সরকারের কাছে নয়, সকল রাজনৈতিক হত্যাকান্ড, খুনখারাবি ও অপহরণ ঘটনার জন্যে স্থানীয় রাজনৈতিকদলসমূহের (সন্তুজ-গুন্ডুষ-ফান্ডুজ)কাছে দাবী জানানো।
    ৫) জুম্ম জনগণের অধিকার প্রতিষ্ঠার নামে সন্তুজ-গুন্ডুষ-ফান্ডুজ চক্রের ভন্ডামির বিরুদ্ধে স্থানীয় পর্যায়ে জনপ্রতিরোধ গড়ে তোলা।