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Monday, December 27, 2010

Santu Larma’s motorcade comes under brickbat

Mr. Santu Larma’s motorcade faces brickbat at Betchari area in Naniachar Upazila today at around 9.30am while he was travelling back Rangamati from Khagarachari. ABC Radio, a private FM radio in Dhaka airs that Larma hold UPDF responsible for this attack. Bangladesh privet TV channels have also been giving headlines on the incident.

Larma was travelling with 2 Prado jeeps (given by UNDP-CHTDF) and 3 micro-busses (2 hired and 1 owned by a Rangamati based NGO). He was in rush to attend the council meeting of the CHT Regional Council scheduled at 11am. He arrived at his official residence at Kalyanpur, Rangamati at 10.45am and without rest pushed off for his office for the meeting.

Window glass of a micro-bus of the convoy has been broken due to this brickbat leaving all the passengers unhurt. It is believed that the attempt has been cooked just to harass Mr. Larma which is an apolitical act if it is done by a political party.

It has been gathered that soon after the incident a few youngsters close to Mr. Larma have been excited with this incident and openly telling in front of Kalyanpur road mouth shops to set Advocate Shaktiman Chakma’s residence on fire with kerosene, if they get permission from the seniors. Advocate Shaktiman Chakma’s building is located at Kalyanpur, some 300 yards away from Larma’s residence. He is a political evacuee due to rift in the JSS.

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