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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Secret meeting at Rangamati town, fresh Jumma abduction starts

The CHT Voice has received information of abduction of 5 Jumma civilians in 2 separate places. National and Chittagong based daily newspapers have confirmed the news. Reports claim that a pro-CHT Accord armed group abducted 3 Jumma civilians from Jurochari village yesterday at 02.00 hrs and 2 from Massalong bazar in Sajek Union of Baghaichari Upazila of Rangamati Hill District in the morning of 16th instant.

The Group led by Indu which camped at Sijak Dojor on 8th instant has moved towards north and has been staying at Bhuachari of Kassalong reserve area since 15th last. It is believed that the abduction of Massalong bazar has been conducted by this armed group as Massalong bazar is close from Bhuachari and there is no report of presence of any armed group except Indu’s one.

The pro-CHT Accord armed groups have been driven out by anti-CHT Accord armed groups from Jurochari Upazila and yesterday’s abduction is a fresh one after a silence of about 2 months.

The CHT Voice has gathered that a secret meeting was held on last Wednessday at Kalyanpur of Rangamati town between some commanders of pro-CHT Accord armed groups and a high profile over ground leader. It has also been gathered that another follow up meeting will be held at Rangamati very soon.


  1. Dear friction JSS !! please tell me are you for or against cht peace Accord !!! if yes , then never spread this type of News around, for well being of Jummas !!! if you are against !! !!! if you can not bring hope for the Jummas, its better to be neutral !!! Please do not play with Jummas destiny !!! not for you, not for me only, for our future generation !!! and Jummas as whole !!!

  2. Thank you for your kind opinion. We understand that you’re hurt with the report and we would also like to understand that you’ve immense love for the Jumma people, and, from the core of your heart you’ve sent your instant reaction. But, we feel, a side of the issue has only been considered by you, for which you’ve raised your suspicion in our commitment and our life-long sacrifice has been undermined.

    Some of the pro-CHT accord armed groups have been engaged by their master(s) to annihilate us. Chandra Sekhar Chakma, a veteran JSS leader who had given his whole life for the party and the movement was not spared on 25 Feb 2009 from bullet shot at Rangamati town. Angshuman Chakma, another JSS veteran was made victim on 21 June 2009 at his Balukhali village and the same day a 7.62 mm bullet of AK47 automatic was removed from his left arm at Chittagong Medical College and Hospital. Pragati Chakma, a popular former UP Chairman of Ghilachari Union and a JSS leader of Nanichar Thana was also shot at his neck on 26 April 2009 at Devasishnagar, Rangamati and a point 22 bullet was also removed at Chittagong Medical College and Hospital.

    Similarly, the families of Ashin Chakma, Sudirgha Chakma, Angshuman Chakma, Advocate Shaktiman Chakma, Suman Chakma and a few others at Rangamati town had been under direct threat by armed activists of so-called pro-CHT accord young leadership on 18th June 2009. This way many of JSS leaders and activists have been forced to flee from Rangamati town for security of life. 8 cows of Angshuman Chakma were looted from his Balukhali farm on 19 Nov 2009 and also 17-acre orchard was also seized from him in the same month and his caretaker along with his family was threatened to quit the firm at once. Sudirgha Chakma, a rising young leader has also been victim of this totalitarian leadership. His wife has been forced to quit her jobs from three organisations. Advocate Shaktiman Chakma’s house had been under continuous attacks resulting to costly damages.

    In this situation how could you expect neutrality from us? How could we allow their master(s) to undertake action plans against us and innocent civilians, sitting with them at Rangamati town or elsewhere? That is why it is important and urgent to stop fratricidal conflict once for all and with this in view; we’ve been campaigning for Jumma unity and shall vigorously continue it until we achieve it. Our leaders and many activists have been working for the rights of the Jumma people since the beginning of the movement, and are determined to sacrifice their lives for the Jumma cause and also shall oppose totalitarian acts which come from within Jumma leadership. Therefore, there is no scope to undermine them on any reasons.

    Thank you once again.

  3. My earnest request to you is that please at least in the name of Lord Buddha don't engaged in fratricidal war as so many young talent, season leaders had lost their lives for the cause of jummas. Hasina and her government is playing the British game of divide and rule policy and the time is not far when jumma will annihilate from CHT. Enough is enough in the fratricidal war nothing will be gained except extinct the very identity of cht jummas especially chakmas where there is no base of its own whether in India or BD. I have a strong feeing for our brothers and sisters in CHT and whenever I came across the news of cht a certain drops of tears roll down from my cheek. Though I may express my feeling with my heavy heart but I cannot do anything for my people. Already we have lost our language, culture, dress, instead our mothers, sisters have adopted sarees and bengali way of life in cht. Please do something for recovering these great heritage of our forefathers.