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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Larma at Langadu after 5 yrs, fails to form PCJSS Thana committee

After more than five years Santu Larma visited Langadu Upazila headquarters on 19th instant to meet local leaders and address the Langagdu Thana PCP (Hill Students Council) annual conference and form PCJSS Thana committee. He attended the PCP conference on 20th as Chief Guest and a new committee was formed. But, despite his utmost attempt he could not form PCJSS Langadu Thana committee. None have been found interested to shoulder the responsibility.

Khagarachari Hill District is completely out of Larma’s hands and out of 10 Upazilas/Thanas of Rangamati Hill District he has Thana committees only in Rangamati Sadar, Kaptai and Kawkhali. Moreover, in Rangamati Sadar Thana he has been able to open Union committees only in Jibtoli and Moghban Unions and in Kawkhali Thana he is active in some villages of Ghagara Union. His Kaptai Thana committee is completely inactive. In this backdrop he threatens to force the Government for CHT accord implementation, from the chair of the Chief Guest at Langadu on 20th instant.

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