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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Larma’s official car comes under brickbats today

Mr. Santu Larma’s official car now comes under brickbat at his CHT Regional Council’s office ground today at 11.30am. Mr. Larma escaped unhurt, as he left his car before the brick chip hit the back glass of the car.

A 2 cubic inch brick chip suddenly hit the back glass causing major damage, in presence of Regional Council’s staff, police personnel and the driver of the car. The back side of the car was facing the Rangamati Hill District Council office’s southern boundary wall where construction work was on. There was another pelting after the noon which did not hit the car, a report claims.

Police rushed to the spot anticipating law and order deterioration.

The reason of batting is not clear. Some guess that it was done to drive away crows while some say that it has been done because of ensuing Rangamati municipal elections. Mr. Larma has been sided with some candidates in these elections, sources report. A General Diary has been registered from the CHT Regional Council with the Kotwali Police Station at Rangamati town.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Larma came under brickbats on Jan 27th and Dec 27th last year during his trips to Khagarachari and he held UPDF responsible for firing at him with weapons.

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