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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now the CHT draw national and global media attention by internal conflicts

The wild silence of Salak (traditional term of Subolong) valley in Moidong Union of remote Jurochari Upazila under Rangamati Hill District broke at around 3.30 am yesterday when the anti-CHT accord group conducted dawn attack upon a pro-CHT accord group. The attack makes a toll of 4 dead and 1 captured alive from the JSS’ side. However, newspaper reports claim to have 1 dead from the anti-CHT accord side. Sound of gun shots had been heard when it was full morning with bright sunlight.

JSS staged protest rally yesterday at Rangamati town under the leadership of Mr. Bodhisattwa Chakma, Vice President of Rangamati PCJSS District Committee and held the UPDF responsible for the attack at Jurochari and claims the dead bodies as their supporters and UPDF spokesperson, Mr. Mikle Chakma rejected this claim and termed it as JSS’ internal conflict generated from extortion.

Another attack by another anti-CHT accord group was conducted on a pro-CHT accord group at Gabachara of Raikhali Mouza and Raikhali Union of Kaptai Upazila yesterday at around 8.00am. The commander, Binoy Chakma shot dead on the spot and a Marma boy succumbed bullet injury but was able to avoid capture. The 3rd person escaped unhurt. Postmortem of this dead body was conducted today.

Another incident took place at Danga Bazaar at Rangamati-Khagarachari border in Langadu and Dighinala Upazilas at around 9.00am yesterday. An innocent student of class IX became victim of bullet injury to his thigh when two warring armed groups were chasing each other. The ATN, a private TV channel claims it as an incident between two terrorist groups while the Channel I, another private TV channel claims it as fight between two groups of JSS. The injured boy has been admitted to Khagarachari hospital and is safe now.

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