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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pro-accord and anti-accord groups lock horns again in Maini upper

Another clash between pro-accord and anti-accord armed groups took place yesterday morning at Dewano Adam of Kugichara Mouza and Babuchara Union of Dighinal Upazila of Khagarachari Hill District. The spot is about 2/2.5 km north of Nareichari BOP of Bangladesh Border Guards. Earlier fight between these groups took place on last 20th Nov and 2-I/C of Indu group known as doctor Polen was seriously wounded and was taken to Gandachara of Tripura, India while a person was also seriously wounded from the anti-accord side. He was shifted from Maini to Chengi valley via Pujgang mukh and was seen at a place under Rangamati Sadar Thana on 28 Nov, witnesses report.

Firing started when the anti-accord group opened fire from the east bank at pro-accord group who gathered there for a rich meal on the west bank of Maini river. Both groups did not cross the river and vacated the place when BGB personnel reached there. No report of casualties has been available as all antenna poles of cell phones of Nareichari area have been forced to dismantle.

The pro-accord group led by commander Indu has been able occupy upper Maini, Gangaram and Kassalong reserve areas taking the advantage of contradictions between the Jumma Jum cultivars and the anti-accord armed groups. Since last year the anti-accord armed groups has banned complete Jum and tobacco cultivations for ecology and environment protection which directly effected the livelihood of the landless Jumma Jum cultivars. Moreover, Katton (professional bamboo cutting inside reserve areas, a source of income of the Jummas) and the Nareichari bazaar were totally restricted by the anti-accord groups to isolate the commander Indu’s group.

As a result, the Jumma Jum cultivars, Kattonayas (professional bamboo cutters) and the Jummas dependent on Nareichari bazaar welcomed commander Indu. Now, Nareichari bazaar area, Bhuachari, Massalong etc areas of northern CHT reserve areas are under the control of pro-accord group led by commander Indu.

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