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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egyptian people make their own history, end 30-year long dictatorship of Mubarak

We write this note to give our big salute to the heroes of the Tahrir Square who are at this moment seen in their high-scale jubilation for throwing out their Dictator-President, Hosni Mubarak from the power. The continuous peaceful and jubilant 18 day protest at Tahrir Square, Cairo by hundreds and thousands of Egyptians has forced Dictator Hosni Murabak to end his 30-year long dictatorship today, the 11th Feb.

When we write this note we could see on the TV screen live hundreds of thousands Egyptians chant for their victory in favour of democratic rule in Egypt by throwing out Mubarak from the power captured 30 years back.

Mubarak’s long dictatorship has generated endless corruption, nepotism and repression of general people resulting to massive poverty and unemployment in the country, which have made the countrymen desperate to go to the streets in demand of Mubarak’s fall. And it happened today which has never been dreamt by Mubarak.

The dictators do never learn from the history. Mubarak, in his televised presidential speech yesterday ruled out his stepping down from the power which angered millions of his countrymen and this led furious protesters to encircle him after the prayer today. Being frightened, Mubarak quitted his presidential palace today and finally resigned from the most succulent power.

The Egyptian military deserves high appreciation for not crushing the anti-Mubarak movement which is seen in almost all such situations. They have been neutral and allowed the demonstrators continue peaceful demonstrations throughout the country. The military protected the civilian demonstrators from further attacks by Mubarak’s secret police personnel who attacked the unarmed demonstrators from camels and horses on the 10th day of demonstration on 3rd instant.

The UN, surprisingly, all through been completely silent on the Egypt crisis and Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General was seen on the TV on the 11th day of the movement, in the evening of the 4th instant giving his reaction along with the UK Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron. Right at this moment (11.55pm BST, 11 Feb) Mr. Ban is seen on the TV screen giving his reaction on the victory of the Egyptian people and offering the UN support for the change. When the Egyptian people have brough their victory then the key global powers have started welcoming the achievement. This is the reality.

The dictators should learn from the fate of Mubarak. The democracy loving Egyptian people have once again proved that actual power lies with the people but not the guns. When people raise their supreme voice no dictator can stand before them. We wish a democratic and pogressive leadership in Egypt for which the youths have to be active and vigil.

Therefore, the same way, in the CHT, the Jumma people could free them by uprising from their daily financial and physical victimizations including killings from the Jumma Draconian leadership, the way Nepalese people of Gurkha Hills in West Bengal freed them from the leadership of Subhas Ghising, the former chairman of the Gurkha Hills Council and GNLF presidentship some years back, led by his former comrades.

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